Cleaning up

Selling a house is hard work.

I know everyone always says that, but it’s like raising small kids: until you’re actually experiencing the stress and difficulty yourself it’s hard to understand.

I’m glad that we’ve been forced to do this on a deadline — otherwise it’d be too tempting to just give up on selling the house and wait another year. Not that another year would help. We’ve been saying we were going to clean out the garage since we moved in here ten years ago. And there are still boxes in the garage that have never been unpacked! Some were easy to throw away, but others contain priceless family heirlooms. 

Why is it that we have such a hard time keeping up with the basic maintenance while we are living here? It took us this long to have the high windows washed and the carpets cleaned. Embarrassing. I used to clean the tops of the kitchen cupboards at least every year, but somewhere along the way of working more and having children I stopped doing even that.

Oh well. Lesson (hopefully) learned. Maybe we can form some good habits in our small apartment in Germany and do a better job of keeping up with the clutter and grime in the next home we buy.

Joe and I appear to thrive under pressure. We planned our wedding in nine weeks, and have only ten weeks between the date we accepted this job offer and our flight departure. I just hope we can find a buyer for this house before we leave.


One thought on “Cleaning up

  1. This sounds so much like our experience of packing up and moving to Maui, except we rented our house out. We are paying dearly to keep much of our “treasures” in storage in Poulsbo. I imagine many will not make the trip across the ocean. Oh, well.

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