2 (!) weeks to go…


The end-of-July deadline is barreling at us more quickly than we are prepared for.

It feels at times like we are making a lot of progress and at other times like we’ll never get it all done.

A million thanks for all of the amazing family and friends who have helped us or offered help — your support means more than anything to us in this crunch time.

And Joe hasn’t yet gotten [too] fed up with my anxiety level and snippiness. I knew when we met that I’d found an amazing friend and future partner! I’m working on not letting the stress get the better of me, but it’s not always easy.

The house we have owned for 10 years is officially on the market (*fingers crossed*) and the storage unit is slowly filling up with all of our stuff (which has been multiplying like wet Gremlins behind our backs).

Now we just have to cross off the other 45 items on our to-do lists.

I’ll stop complaining and posting more interesting pictures and Germany/America cultural comparisons soon, pinky swear!


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