Staying in

Well, the kids have caught the tummy bug. So, we’ve spent a few more afternoons sleeping at our hotel to help them get better. We’ve witnessed some freakish wind/rain/lightning storms in the afternoons. And Joe has enjoyed watching dubbed versions of American superhero movies on the hotel TV.

We’ve received some correspondence from the international school regarding Sam’s preschool supply list. It’s a little bit different from what we’re used to seeing in America! Here’s some examples of what we parents must gather before his first day on August 20th:

  •  House shoes or slippers (to be worn indoors at all times)
  • Toothbrush and towel with a hook
  • 2 Undershirts
  • Rain pants
  • Sport shoes
  • Snack box (no sweets allowed)

We parents can pack a lunch for them or order online in advance. Sam’s class lunch is ordered by the teacher and eaten family style, but for the older kids they can choose from 4 choices: daily special, healthy choice, small weekly special, or salad bar.

We also must sign release forms for photos, swimming lessons, community outings, and religious/ethics education. It’s all a little overwhelming since we’re still waiting to set up or bank accounts, visas, and housing permits and have yet to move into our apartment. Joe must start his back-to-school prep work on Thursday and so I’ll be alone with the kids most weekdays while he tries to get ready to welcome his 2nd graders. I’m not sure how we’ll manage to pull together what we need for Sam without a car to take us shopping.

It all feels very rushed and chaotic right now. Looking forward to October or November when we’re a bit more used to our new routine and new hometown.


3 thoughts on “Staying in

  1. You’ve been busy! Glad to see 🙂 and hear that you all made it safely-YAY! Hope the kids feel better soon and some routine sets in for you. Great pictures so far… more please. 🙂

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