German Asian food

We’ve been relying a lot on the convenience foods around our train station & shopping district where we live (when anybody has an appetite, that is). But that means a lot of sandwiches and chicken nuggets. We decided to venture out to a restaurant for our first sit-down dinner in Germany. We liked the look of “Asia Wok”, and the menu featured some Indonesdian dishes, so Joe was happy to try it. Here’s what we received:


Bahmi goreng with krupuk. Very bad. Tasted like oily noodles that had been sprinkled with raw curry powder. Krupuk tasted a few days old. We were very disappointed.


Sweet & sour chicken? Not so much. Breaded chicken fillet laid over top of a very odd pineapple sauce that had some okay flavors but it wasn’t what our kids expected. Paprika, maybe?


Lucy chose to take some notes about our bad meal rather than eat it. I guess we’ll be sticking with chicken nuggets for a bit longer. Can’t wait to have my own kitchen again!


5 thoughts on “German Asian food

    • Yes, Mom, the restaurant was owned and staffed by Asian people. But I think it’s like Chinese food in America, it’s not anything that’d be familiar to someone actually from China because it’s been changed to suit the tastes of the population.

  1. Survival tip: ask locals where they eat (esp breakfast, lunch). With Sam and Lucy in tow they’ll be likely to give you “family friendly” suggestions.

    • That’s a good idea, Suzie. Breakfast here is really easy – there’s more bakeries on every city block than there are Starbucks in Seattle. We just struggle with options later in the day, mostly because the kids are still jet-lagged and get very cranky and tired. So we haven’t been able to just sit and relax at the many delicious looking cafes and bistros…they just wouldn’t have the patience to wait that long for food.

  2. Hope that you are all surviving the German Asian Food. Asking the locals is a great idea. They may have neighbor street markets and you could find some fresh fruits and veggies. We ate a lot at Weinervald? Of course it was a chain in 1979, so not sure if it is still around. Keep us updated on your discoveries around town. Take care, Julie

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