Dinosaur Day

We’ve been having a bit of morning rain here in Ulm lately. So we decided to try something new and ride the bus to the local shopping mall for some indoor walking. It’s very nice at the Blautal Center, actually, and I’m sure I’ll be back to do some shopping for the kids and for our apartment. Sam loved the fact that they had a temporary dinosaur exhibit with life-size models.

DSC02156 DSC02157 DSC02159 DSC02160 DSC02171

We loved the diagonal moving walkways — a cross between moving sidewalks at the airport and an escalator; great for use with strollers!  We comforted in the similarity with American shopping malls (lots of cell phone kiosks, jewelry stores, and a food court). The food court was a bit different, offering Turkish, Scandinavian seafood, and traditional German fare along with the ubiquitous Chinese and Italian.

And we had fun with some of the stores that displayed English names or signs. One advertized their “Freaky Sale!”. [Sorry that some of these pics are a bit blurry…]


“Schmitt Foxy Food”


“Mister Lady”

All-in-all a fun rainy-day outing in our new hometown.


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Day

    • Sam has been begging non-stop to ride in the stroller, and Lucy would rather walk most of the time. Go figure! Either way, we’re both grateful to have a stroller to help us get around.
      Sheets have to come from Ikea, since their mattresses are non-standard size. I’m going tomorrow morning with a shopping list in-hand to get what we need for the first night. Wish I could go today, but everything shuts down on Sunday in Germany.

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