Playground pics

We found a great playground only a block from our new apartment, and the kids and I enjoyed a day there while Joe was getting his classroom ready. In general, we’ve found German playgrounds to be much better designed for kids of varying ages than those in our old neck of the woods. The playgrounds that would be interesting for Sam were too dangerous for Lucy, and vice versa.


After a little fear, both have become lovers of the slide. Careful, though, it gets hot!


She can’t quite move the bouncy toys yet, but she loves to try.


Sam usually hates shaky drawbridges, but this had nice strong beams to hang onto.


Not sure what this is supposed to be. A snail?


Lots of low walls for balancing.


Lucy tried to run away when it was time to go.


Surveying the view from up high.


Love the days when they play well together!


3 thoughts on “Playground pics

  1. Great you found a good playground so close to your home. And that it appeals to both Sam and Lucy. Thanks for sharing your adventure so I can live vicariously.

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