Foreign food Friday – “Bear” meats

The cliché is true: there are a LOT of sausages in Germany. And there is a niche market for making deli meats in animal shapes to appeal to kids.


Bear-shaped salami


Mortadella with a bear print. A bit like Pillsbury cookies for holidays that have a design when sliced; presumably made with light and dark meat.  Hmm…not very appetizing to my taste but to each his own!


For those who don’t like bears, there’s also bee-print mortadella or a Santa’s elf design.


There’s even bear-print hotdogs. Now those, we had to try. Can’t say the kids even noticed!


Grocery shopping in a different country is always an adventure!


3 thoughts on “Foreign food Friday – “Bear” meats

  1. So glad you are having the adventure, and then sharing it with us. I am not much of a picture taker but they really are adding to your intereting and true storytelling ….I am so excited your mom is going to get to experience some of these adventure and also see her favorite people, and probably before you need to dress for snow and walk and /or drive more carefully if you rent a car any of the time she is there.

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