Schloss Neuschwanstein

With Mom here for a visit, we’ve finally had enough courage to brave a small day-trip with the kids. It wasn’t easy to battle car-sickness, cranky hungry toddlers, and frequent potty breaks, but we are thrilled to have been able to see such a beautiful Bavarian castle. (Thank you Grandma!)


We hiked up the mountain with our stroller and picnic lunch. During the climb, we had a beautiful view of the fall foliage and sweeping vistas of the valley below to help keep our spirits up.


We only got a little bit lost.

Just kidding — even on our late-October weekday visit, you only needed to follow the crowds to know where to go.


Although Lucy did want to stop and pick up every leaf and rock she could get her hands upon.


Our tour wasn’t scheduled until later, so after our picnic lunch we attempted a walk to Marienbrücke, the bridge directly behind the castle which spans the canyon and offers unparalleled views. A tip to future visitors, however: it’s too crowded! Imagine being crushed from all sides like the shrinking hallway in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Many of our photos from the site include odd bits of other people who couldn’t help but be in the way of our camera.


Lucy tried her best supermodel face.



With such postcard-ready views, it’s easy to understand why this site has been such a popular destination for decades.


Sam liked seeing a man in costume playing a hurdy gurdy.

No cameras were allowed inside the castle, but we were allowed to see King Ludwig’s throne room, bedroom, and other ornate spaces.


A view from Neuschwanstein of the nearby castle Hohenschwangau and the alpine foothills.



And a shoulder-ride back down the hill. What more can you ask for?

Also, a big thank you to Joe for driving a stick-shift foreign car along the German Autobahn. You have more courage than I ever will!


2 thoughts on “Schloss Neuschwanstein

  1. Wow, beautiful, I have visited it anytime I was near by, and of course, it gets more crowded every time. Oh, well, And glad Grandma could come too. Great photos and commmentary. And yes, those autobahns are unnerving with the very fast speeding drivers…but you could do it with an automatic I bet. You couldn’t close your eyes, which would help with the fear factor, and would be good if anyone under 15 was asleep during this journey, as no distractions are food with needing to give full attention to keep up with the traffic, even in the slow lane, if there is such a thing. Back roads are better I think, but often you can’t get where you want to go on them, so good Joe would drive and you and Carole could distract the other passengers if need be. Thanks for sending this.

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