Did you know that there are wild swans swimming in the Danube?


We often see them on our walks along the riverfront. It’s a pretty neat sight for me, since swans were a rare sight in my childhood. These swans don’t seem to be migratory, because they’re happily swimming and flying around even in the sub-freezing temperatures we’re currently experiencing. Perhaps they are well fed by the Ulm citizens and don’t wish to travel.  Our kids do certainly love to try calling out to the swans and ducks and trying to converse with them in “quacks”.

The cold makes it harder to venture out of our cozy apartment. I’m much less inclined to bring Lucy out for a little exploratory wander when her nose turns red from cold and her hands turn into stiff white icicles. That combined with the school syndrome — Sam in his first year of public school is bringing home every illness that crosses his path and then sharing them with Lucy. It’s going to be a long cold & flu season for our family.

This all affects the blog because it means less photo opportunities. But I’m still running way behind on some posts, so in the upcoming days and weeks I hope to publish some of our photos from the last few months. And perhaps a video, if I can figure out how! So stay tuned…


One thought on “Schwäne

  1. Oh, Betsy, I remember those preschool years of either Karen getting a cold, having one, or getting over one, and thank goodness she did not get ear infections like most children her age I knew did, since that just compounds how hard things are. I hope you can avoid them, because I found it hard to take care of her when she was sick and I was well! I will keep my fingers crossed. I have read being in the cold doesn’t cause you to become ill, but also read that if your body temperature gets lower like it does when you get chilled, your immune system does not work quite as well, so bacteria and viruses can multiply faster and harder for immune sytem to do its job. So I can see why staying indoors in the warmth with her seems like a good plan. Hopefully you can get out a little yourself, which I found really helped when being the parent of a young child. And let fresh air in to replace that air with germs from sneezing and coughing. I’d not make it for long in a cold climate, or a hot climate. Too cold here for me now, in the 30’s and lower at night, and I even notice it when inside. Keeps that heat busy. Take care, Sharon

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