Playground pics #3

Sam loves to find new playgrounds when we are out on our walks, and more often than not, he’s successful at it. They’re tucked everywhere in our new neck-of-the-woods.


This cool pirate ship was hidden among a public green space. It’s tied to a Biergarten that operates during the summer and provides a nice place for the kids to play while their parents relax nearby.


Lucy loved this short little slide and went up the stairs and down the slide on a continuous loop for a good twenty minutes straight.


There she goes again!


She also loved digging in the sand. Most of the playgrounds here use sand, which is less common than rubber or bark chips or even gravel in our part of America. The sand certainly does get into everyone’s shoes and makes the kids more messy, but it’s a softer surface to fall upon. I’m still undecided about which playground surface I prefer.


We also later heard from a local mom that the Biergarten restaurant actually hides golden coins in the sand. If one of the kids finds one, they get a free ice cream or other treat. What a fantastic idea! I can imagine any kid from ages 3-12 spending hours digging in the sand once you told them this news.


Lucy found this seesaw near the heart of Ulm, just behind the Rathaus (city hall). A lot of the playgrounds have these spring-supported seesaws, which are great because kids of different sizes can still use them. Seesaws seem to be a lot less common in America these days. I remember lots of injuries in my childhood from merry-go-rounds and seesaws, so it’s likely they’ve been removed to prevent injury and insurance claims. In Germany, with no bicycle helmet laws and infant carseats commonly placed in the front passenger seat, there must be less concern regarding mere playground accidents.


One more mini playground, found tucked amid some soccer fields at a sporting area a short walk from our apartment.


And here’s Sam, our intrepid playground hunter even finding slides in the rain.

That’s probably the last of our playground adventures until the warmer spring months. Not very pleasant to get wet sand all over your hands or soggy pants from an attempt at the slide.


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