ein Spaziergang an der Donau – A walk along the Danube

Here’s some more shots of our favorite place to stroll — the banks of the Danube.


Portions of the old city walls still exist and are a nice raised walkway.


From the ramparts, you can see one of the tributaries, called the Blau (Blue) which flows directly through central Ulm. The Danube cuts between Ulm and Neu-Ulm (where we live). The winding path of the Blau is another nice walk, and it is the site of the best historic buildings surviving in the city. I’ll show some more of those journeys in a later blog post.


Or you can walk on the paved pathways right next to the river. This is where the joggers prefer to roam, although there are separate paths for bikes and pedestrians, which is a nice way to help traffic flow more smoothly.


Above is a view from the lower path. You can see the wall, with the city buildings behind.


There are bridges at almost every major intersection. So, we can cross back over the Danube whenever we are ready to return to Neu-Ulm. This is often how we roll…piggyback style. Sam has become a fairly good long-distance walker, but at times he needs to be carried a little.


This is a small island that’s formed by an off-shoot of the Danube named die Kleine Donau (“the Little Danube”). There’s a nice park with picnic tables to watch the boats and birds float by. We frequently observe kayaks and crew teams, but not very many larger, motored river boats.


We can see the Münster from almost anywhere. And there are often men fishing at intervals along the river. I’m not sure how much they actually manage to catch. But we like how there are often stairs leading down any steep banks to access the river easily. It seems in America that any steep riverbanks would be heavily barricaded and blocked by guardrails to prevent accidents. It’s evident of the differing attitudes towards safety that we’ve observed here in Germany.


Lucy likes to spot all the dogs that out walking with their owners.


Here’s a shot of me, walking with the stroller among the fall leaves.


Sam’s always good at spotting wildflowers.


We’re grateful for any clear days where we can get out for a stroll and some fresh air. Our old neighborhood was not very good for walking. It’s a treat to have so many pedestrian-only paths with such a beautiful river view.


One thought on “ein Spaziergang an der Donau – A walk along the Danube

  1. Beautiful scenes. I envy your ability to walk so many places. I’m going to send this on to my nephew’s girlfriend who is from Germany. Have a happy Christmas. Thanks for writing these blogs. It helps to know how/what you are doing.

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