Lindau am Bodensee

When Joe’s brother Jeff’s came to visit at Christmastime, we were lucky enough to manage a day trip to the town of Lindau. It’s a small island in Lake Constance (der Bodensee in German), and a popular vacation destination. It’s at the southernmost part of the country, near the borders with Austria and Switzerland.

lindau 84

We drove onto the island by bridge and parked near a marina that reminds me a lot of Poulsbo, for some reason.

lindau 86

Lucy wasn’t too happy to be out in the cold. Toddlers have no appreciation for the picturesque views!

lindau 30

Jeff helped us to lead an eager Sam into the town center. In the background, you can see the city wall which runs along the outskirts of the island.

lindau 32

A view of the wall from above.

lindau 31

After navigating a few narrow, winding alleys (definitely not stroller-friendly, but we’re getting used to it!)

lindau 36

…we emerged into the heart of a charming, Bavarian village.

lindau 37

It has the requisite town church.

lindau 46

Since we came during the Christmas holiday, many of the shops were closed. We mainly just wandered the streets and planned to come back another time. Don’t let the blue skies fool you, it was terribly cold out that day! Note in the foreground how Joe ended up carrying Lucy much of the day to help keep her warm.

lindau 47

Love the Bavarian rooflines with their architectural details.

lindau 48

I haven’t yet lost my fascination with the Bavarian exteriors. Leavenworth is great and all, but it can’t compare to the real thing surrounding us at every turn.

lindau 49

And these swirling business signs are so beautiful.

lindau 50

Lindau also has, of course, an ornately painted Rathaus (town hall).

lindau 51

lindau 61

At the far edge of the island, we finally found a bit of sunshine to thaw out in. Such a beautiful view of the blue lake and Alps beyond.

lindau 67

The Lindau harbor has a lion sculpture to stand guard, and Bavaria’s only lighthouse.

lindau 74

We owe a huge thanks to Uncle Jeff for the idea to visit Lindau and helping to get us there. It was a fantastic single-day getaway for us.

lindau 87

We even got to stop on the drive home for a little snow.

lindau 88lindau 92

lindau 93

And Sam got to fulfill his month-long request for a snowball fight! What a happy boy.


4 thoughts on “Lindau am Bodensee

  1. Oh, how beautiful and fun, and I loved all your details. I have never been there, and now want to go, but not in the winter, too cold!

    • Sharon, I hope you do make it to Lindau someday. It’s hard to capture in the photos how charming a place it really is. There’s dozens of small inns to stay in, most with beautiful views of the lake and mountains.

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