My name is Betsy. I’ve lived my whole life within a 2-hour-drive radius of Seattle Washington. I love books, cooking, nerdy crafts, and watching old movies with my husband, Joe. He likes sci-fi, comics, teaching, and acting in musicals. We have two kids — Sam is almost 4 and Lucy is 1 1/2. They’re pretty charming and a whole lot of fun…most of the time, at least. We’re abandoning our jobs, friends, and home in Washington State to take a family sabbatical for a year in Ulm, Germany, where Joe will be teaching 2nd grade. None of us speak any German.

Stay tuned for all the hijinks, mishaps, and cultural misunderstandings that ensue!

Find me at:
Facebook: /blconnors
Twitter: @MissElizabetsy
Flickr:  monk_monk
Ravelry: elizabetsy


One thought on “About

  1. Betsy,
    I love your blog! I’m so glad Joe posted the url on facebook. Ulm looks wonderful. What a great adventure. Thank you so much for blogging about it! Love, Sharon

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